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Structure is :-
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Paragraph Header - Tutorial - Data Management

1) Create the Table
   Create and run the SQL Script.
   It's good to have a Script that doprs the Table and then re-creates it.
   That way, you can simply re-run the Script many times, and it will 'tidy-up' after itself.
   If you don't have one, generate one from your Data Modelling Tool.

2) Load Data into the Table
  The recommended method is to prepare a flat, CSV file and use SQL*Loader.
   You might consider using Excel and/or Microsoft Access to create sample data.
3) Check Data in the Table
   Simply start-up SQL*Plus and run SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table_name;

3) Clear data from the Table
   Either DELETE FROM table_name
   or     TRUNCATE table_name

   If you have a lot of Tables, you can run a Script to generate another Script to
   process all tables at once.
   We also have a Script to identify the owner of most of the Tables.

4) Check table structure and num_rows :-
   desc table_name;

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